Through editorial Pastel Elastic we attempted to convey to the viewer the experience of play piercing and display this practice in a different way, accentuating the beauty of the body. Fantastic transparent masks of Aleksandar Škorić , create an atmosphere of subtle sharpness by its shape and translucent materials, while at the same time help the aesthetics of photography to come out of the domain of pin up which remains clear in haircut and style.
Contrast between pastel tones and stretching of the skin through 26 rings on the body , symbolizes the relationship between pleasure and pain, where the pain becomes relative, even meditative. Thin threads that stretch the skin contribute to an authentic experience of the model’s own body in space.

Photography: Mina Šarenac
Costume: Olja Marković
Art direction: Mina Šarenac, Olja Marković
Model: Katherine Lee
Piercing: Petar – studio Foa Belgrade
Hair and make up: Milica Milovančević
Assistant: Irena Čuturić