Saša moves between commercial, imaginary and empirical work which is strongly characterized by his desire to retain organic approach. Most of the time he creates on an impulse as a decisive component to most of his mask art work. When masking, Saša follows face and it’s lines, positioning papers to prompt a symmetry dance, tension between the right and the left side, of the face. Mask components he cuts are mostly organic shapes and are a result of ‘working dance’ between the scissors and papers happening each time Saša cuts these shapes.

Saša finds joy in masked people’s reaction once they experience a reveal of finished mask. Not being aware during the process, reveals are often surprising reaction of mask wearer, prompting them to move their face and make expression they might have not made in a while and all with intention to see how the mask moves.

Aleksandar Saša Škorić, Sarajevo born Canadian, finds himself trotting the world masking one person at time.

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You are a photographer, stylist, fashion designer, musician, brand, I am here to mask and let your subject shine.

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Let's learn from each other. I am open to collaborate with creatives across the globe.


Countless workshops behind me, for kids and kids alike, I create super fun, educational workshops where surprises are a must, new skills applied and colors welcomed.

More about the process

Each collaboration Saša approaches with vigor allowing the conversation to build the structure of the work ahead, letting ideas contribute towards the final product in the best possible way. Where Saša tends to restrain himself is when the photos are being taken, giving an open space to a photographer to express their ideas and directions freely. This way each collaboration is infused with a signature of each photographer Saša collaborates with.

Workshops, on the other hand follow a different idea, structured around a theme with a focus on acquiring new skills for everyone involved. Saša tends to introduce a specific topic i.e. environmental, social or artistic, there is a conversation to be head, questions to be asked and once the theme is understood, everyone is welcome to move ahead with creating pieces needed for the mask. Once they are finished with coloring and cutting of paper fragments Saša places all of the individual mask pieces on each persons’ face. Before the final reveal, photos and videos are being taken to record the subjects.

Once the reveal is on, fun and craziness ensues, sending everyone in grimacing frenzy.

Next to Mask Workshops Saša creates distinctive art workshops tailored for various age groups and they are also included in Workshop section of his portfolio.